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Healing Comes from Within

The year 2020 has been difficult for all of us. Let us shake off the blues of the past year and embrace the beautiful promise of the new year. As we begin the new year let us explore the many possibilities for a change. This New Year I have been exploring some health tips which will make a difference to my physical, mental and spiritual well being. One of my readings brought me to an old Hindu Vedas sacred text. It deals about the combined elements of psychic energy and physical well being. The main energy points are called chakra (pronounced as chaa·kruh meaning wheels.) According to the reading , these energy points must be opened in order to maximize one’s potential. I am not a big fan of mystical healing but I am aware of how yoga, and meditation can ease emotions and drive away negative energy. The chakra system is all about balancing all these energy points to revitalize our body so that we can live to the fullest.It is all about inviting the positive thoughts and meditating on our blessings instead of dwelling on lost hope, anger and frustration. It is about facing fears by unleashing our potentials from within so that we will radiate with confidence and conquer any circumstances in our lives. Let us start this year by examining our inner self. Start your day by counting your blessings, commune with nature and breath fresh air. Prepare healthy foods to nourish your body and drink plenty of water to cleanse from toxins and residue of holiday’s treats. Break away from your computer and cell phones and appreciate the beauty around you.Feel the biting coldness and give a huge thanks that you and your family are still alive at this time and you own a house to cover you from the winter frost.While enjoying all these blessings come to think those who lost their lives, jobs and homes. Let us join them in prayer for a better year for 2021.Happy New Year Everyone!

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