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Dish Garden

Updated: May 18, 2020

One day while I was strolling by the backyard I noticed beautiful grass. I am not very sure if it is grass or a plant. I don’t know its name because I think I just picked it somewhere and threw it in a corner of my yard. Out of boredom, I tried propagating them from cuttings. Now I have plenty of greens for hanging, ground covering, and dish garden. I began digging my unused, broken dishes and containers to hold my tiny guy and add a few succulents and cactus for highlights and it becomes a beautiful decor that brings not only beauty and serenity into my home but an inspiring escape from fear and anxiety brought by this pandemic. I realized life can be beautiful amidst a crisis if one chooses it. Instead of dwelling on the morbid thoughts about this pandemic, I occupied myself thinking of creative ways to keep my sanity. Look around you and your “grass” is just waiting to see you through this adversity. It could be a long-abandoned hobby or a long lost friend who is waiting to be reconnected. I urged everyone to join me in my rally towards creating a beautiful world amidst the ugliness of this crisis.

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Covid like cactus

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